Essay about Human Violence : Nature Vs Nurture

Essay about Human Violence : Nature Vs Nurture

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Human violence: nature versus nurture

Violence has for long been defined as the most affecting and destructive human problem. Having a discussion on human violence is therefore very important for the quick attendance to the problems affecting the human race at the recent times. It is also important to identify the causes and effects of human violence so that solutions can be found and attended to at the right time. Nature and nurture have proved to be two conflicting issues to scholars of the modern times. Some people argue that nature and nurture are two things that go hand in hand whole others still argue that the difference between nature and nurture is what causes the existing problems in theNature and nurture.
Human race. Identifying the similarities or differences between nature and nurture phenomenon will therefore likely bring the solution to the dilemma existing even to scholars. Human violence is a phenomenon that has been associated with the existing spectacle between nature and nurture. Current worldwide turn of events prove a direct relationship between human violence, nature and nurture. Experts have in recent cases confirmed that the environmental upbringing of people has made them adopt to the existing human violence issues. The other reason is that the world expects a percentage of reduction of human violence issues if all human beings learn to tame their environment and hereditary traits. Such issues are concerned with the nature and nurture. It is also a relevant idea to apply the use of nature and nurture to work to the advantage of humans in the sense of bringing unity and peaceful co-existence and work to reduce human violence.

Human violence is an activity has been experienced in the world for as long ...

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... fully contributed to the existence of human violence and it is the right of every individual to identify where the right path lies and strictly adhere to it. With such, the problem of human violence might get the solution with time.


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