Essay about Human Values And Moral Values

Essay about Human Values And Moral Values

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Individuals are not born with an ability to understand moral values and apply moral standards. As people mature, their physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities develop and so does their ability to deal with moral issues. Aristotle, an early Greek thinker who proposed one of the most influential theories of ethical thinking in the West, argued that our moral abilities which he called virtues or morally good habits, develop solely through constant practice and repetition, in the same way, he argued, humans acquire their moral abilities and when they are taught and habituated by their families and communities to think, feel and behave in morally appropriate ways. Such vitally important human values as courage, generosity, self-control, temperance, self-control, sociability, modesty, fairness or justice, are all virtues that he discussed and that he believed were acquired through this kind of habituation. And although in order to develop such values one must spare a lot of his time and effort, once they are acquired virtuous behavior comes easily and naturally.
Recently, a considerable number of thinkers have returned to Aristotle 's views, claiming that we should place greater emphasis on the development of the moral values. Those who have advanced this claim hold that contemporary philosophy stresses too much action what people should and should not do - and that much more attention must be paid to people 's character - what a human being should be. Some of them even argued that humans should not waste time on other aspects of ethics but should concentrate their efforts solely on trying to understand and develop the virtues that make a person a morally decent human being.
Although this extreme view was accepted by few philosophe...

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...when friends betray each other for the sake of money, power, women, etc. For me such behavior is completely unthinkable. When you betray someone who trusted you it is like betraying a part of yourself. But how can you call a person who betrayed his or her culture or nation? Such things are measured on a large scale now, but the essence is the same: the lack of loyalty.
To conclude, I would like to say that many of my views and attitudes may be constantly changing throughout my life but my core values will always remain essentially the same. You have to have something solid down there in your soul to build upon-that 's what the core values are all about. If you lose those values-you lose your sense of living, you become empty. The philosophy that I always try to follow is to become a better person, and my strong personal values are an indispensable tool for this task.

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