Human Trafficking : The World 's Third Largest Criminal Activity Essay

Human Trafficking : The World 's Third Largest Criminal Activity Essay

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Human trafficking is the world’s third largest criminal activity following drug and weapons trafficking. According to Our Sexuality (Crooks, R.; Baur, K., 10th Edition), traffickers are criminals who exploit women and children from underdeveloped and socially, economically, or politically unstable nations. Traffickers usually promise employment and educational opportunity as bait. Victims are treated like objects and exploited for the benefit of the traffickers. Traffickers ‘own’ their victims and do everything possible to keep these workers who earn money for them to maintain their lavish lifestyles (Robinson 2001).
The UN Protocol to Prevent, Supress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons (2002), was the first internationally agreed upon definition of human trafficking. Article 3 of the UN Protocol explains the terms used. ‘Trafficking in persons’ describes adults and children, where as children are any person under the age of 18, that are recruited, transported, transferred, harbored or received. Trafficked victims may be threatened, forced, abducted, or deceived into trafficking. Victims are sexually exploited, forced into labor, or other services that benefits the trafficker.
12.3 million people are trafficked across the world at any given time. Trafficking is recognized as a problem in about half of the countries in the continent of Africa. Human trafficking is not gender or age specific. Yet, trafficking is more prevalent in women and children than men, whereas children are trafficked twice as much as women (Kreston, 2007, pp. 38). Orphans whose parents die of AIDS or are killed in the ethnic wars of African nations are highly vulnerable to exploitation through trafficking (Rios, 1996). The high incidence o...

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... The trafficking of human beings can be looked at as the act of recycling because human beings can be trafficked multiple times. Trafficking thrives as a result to demand and continues to thrive because of its underground operation that avoids the legal system. Human trafficking is secretive and thus dangerous. Involved persons are very careful to not let just anyone into the business and to keep their trafficked humans quiet and away from retaliating. Victims do not trust and are afraid of police as well because of their crooked involvement in this criminal activity. Human trafficking thrives is because of this low risk of retaliation by victims. The police are South African soldiers who patrol the border regions. Traffickers make a trusted contact of one or more of these soldiers to avoid any trouble in trafficking humans. (IOM, 2003 – Seduction, Sale, and Slavery)

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