Human Trafficking : The Most Heinous And Overlooked Crimes Essay

Human Trafficking : The Most Heinous And Overlooked Crimes Essay

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Human trafficking is one of the most heinous and overlooked crimes in our growing society today. There are more slaves in American homes today than there ever were during the American Civil War (Bales & Soodlater 2010). Human trafficking is the third most profitable illegal business behind the illicit trade of narcotics and weapons trading (Shelley 2010). Over 27 million people are ensnared in “modern day slavery” some of these people are used for sexual exploitation and others are used for slave labor. Most of these victims are simply tricked into this underground world and brainwashed into not leaving their enslavement. Sadly, out of these 27 million human trafficking victims around 50% of them are children under the age of 16 (Polaris 2012). With that statistic alone there is no questioning how horrific and disturbing this crime is. It preys on the innocence of these victims and their want and need for a better life for them or their families. The few children who even escape this dark underground world are abused and scared both physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives. Many people in this country are simply unaware of human trafficking’s growing impact and how prevalent it is in America today.
The goal of this paper is to provide a review of the existing literature on human trafficking and to examine what is expected in regards to the geographic distribution of and rationale/motivation of human trafficking. This paper will be drawing on existing criminological theories to examine why human trafficking occurs in certain places, and why people commit these heinous human tracking acts. In order to understand these concepts we must first define what human trafficking actually is in regards to the literature. In bot...

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...ple interviewed. No men were interviewed for this study and yet we have some data based on Bales (2007) and Polaris (2012) that suggests men are also victims of sex trafficking. In 2012 in Houston, Texas there was a sex trafficking ring discovered with young boys at the center of it. We clearly know men are also victims yet no interviews were given from them about sex trafficking. This just simply doesn’t give us the full picture when it comes to victims of sex trafficking and a better understanding of the how and why they were enslaved. Again, the problem with getting this data is finding male victims who would want to be interviewed and relive these horrifying experiences. In our American culture men are supposed to be strong and masculine and it is looked down upon for men to show their feelings, so that may also play part in why men victims do not come forward.

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