Human Trafficking Is An Important Social Problem Essay

Human Trafficking Is An Important Social Problem Essay

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The ASPE defines human trafficking as “The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary…”(Human Trafficking in the US, 2009). Human trafficking is basically forcing a person to participate in actions in which they have no say in, and will not obtain no profit. What also makes this social problem unreal is that it can occur not only behind lock doors, but also can be happening in your eyesight. The work they are forced to commit can range from prostitution to labor, and will most likely result in some sexual, and physical abuse. Human trafficking has been an important social problem that has been repeatedly left in the dark. It is a world wide issue, yet various people in the United States do not see that it is happening in the country.
This social problem affects people nation wide, and it can be any gender, sex, and age. People usually tend to think the only people that are affected by this social problem is women, and girls which is not true. Although, there is one more common characteristic that is seen repeatedly. The individual is usually poor, homeless, a runaway youth, and they have lack of a stable support system. These characteristics are taking advantage of by people, and are used to trap the victims. Most victims are found by people larking around homeless shelters, bus stations, and motels. These people are looking for certain flags that a person may have these common characteristics, and then takes them. Even though, it is not something that is displayed on the news, human trafficking is quite common in the United States. In the article Girls, Human Trafficking, And Modern...

... middle of paper ... is how to realize recruitment tactics vulnerabilities, and to be capable of telling when a situation maybe dangerous. Not only does Love146 have something to teach students, but it also has training for teachers, social workers, law enforcement, and others that do not know how to speak to youth. Love146 prides itself on giving thousands of professionals the tools to prevent human trafficking, and how to support the victim. Just like the how they educated the students is how they train professionals. They show them the vulnerabilities, recruitment tactics, dynamic of power, sign of abuse, and how to respond to these signs. These are the ways that one organization is going against this social problem, and they are doing a decent job of getting awareness out there. It has many locations in the United States along with more nationwide, and it will continue to grow.

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