Human Trafficking Is An Horrible Plague Engulfing Today Essay

Human Trafficking Is An Horrible Plague Engulfing Today Essay

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“[A] mom secured a "certificate of virginity" from a doctor for her daughter and sold the girl to man who raped her in a hotel for two days. After the ordeal, [the girl] was sold to brothels on three occasions and finally escaped to a safe house after learning that her mom planned to send her away for a six-month prostitution stint. ”(Goldberg, 2015) This is only one form of human trafficking, and it is quite shocking that it is so prevalent in the world today. But what is human trafficking exactly? Can it really be that big? If it is so big why hasn’t it been stopped? All of those are excellent questions, but none of those even begin to scratch the surface of human trafficking and how awful it is. Questioning it is not going to do anything for the people that are suffering in the world of human trafficking, because most of the world knows it exists. Human trafficking is an awful plague engulfing today’s society. But the greater issue in the world greater than human trafficking, is the method in dealing with human trafficking. Laws against human trafficking must become stricter and be visibly enforced. Without change Trafficking will continue to grow.

According to the United States Department of Homeland Security “Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain.”("What Is Human Trafficking? | Homeland Security,") Trafficking means the action of dealing or trading something illegal. There are all kind of trafficking, ranging from drugs, guns, animals, to human. Human trafficking is a multi-Billion dollar industry that is constantly growing, with an estimated two and a half million victims involved worldwide on any given day. But It’s important to note th...

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...ready in place but theses laws need to be better broadcasted and cleared up. Right now the victims could possibly get in legal trouble for prostitution. This is not right. If someone is being forced against their will into prostitution why should they get in trouble? The law needs to be changed to better protect the victims.

Human trafficking is definitely a horrible plague that is engulfing today’s society. It is one that is hard to spot and hard to stop, but is something that must come to an end. Whether that is toughen the laws, heightened the general awareness, or better train law enforcement and the public on spoting trafficking . Remembering what Mauri said is a must, “The longer you stay the less hope you have.”("Trafficking in Persons Report 2013: Victims ' Stories," n.d.) This goes for all victims of human trafficking, they must be saved and be saved soon.

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