Human Trafficking Is A Worldwide Problem Essay

Human Trafficking Is A Worldwide Problem Essay

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What can be done in 30 seconds? Tie a shoe? Send a text? Miss a turn? Fall victim to human trafficking? The answer to all of these is, yes. In fact, every 30 seconds someone somewhere will fall victim to human trafficking. That is 1,051,200 people a year who will disappear into the trafficking realm. Human trafficking is a worldwide problem. The silence needs to be broken and society needs to be exposed to the trauma victims have experienced from this grisly crime in order to impact reachable solutions.
Human trafficking is classified as a grave violation of human rights and is defined through three elements. “The Act” or what is done to “recruit” the person. “The Means” or how the person is recruited; through force, coercion, abduction, etc. And “The Purpose” or why the person is being exploited; for sexual reasons, forced labor, slavery, or even the removal of organs. (UnitedNationsOffice). Although human trafficking is worldwide the majority of trafficked victims come from poor countries. (mapofworld). Also, because women are predominately trafficked they’re also used as bait to recruit. Human trafficking has become such a large scale problem that 46% of trafficking cases the trafficker is known to the victim according to the International Labour Organization. (mapofworld).
Human trafficking and exploitation has existed for thousands of years. Even from the ancient Greek and Roman times. Humans have been subject to many forms of slavery including: physical, sexual, or organ harvest. The problem is still happening; this timelines of human trafficking history will provide key dates and recent information. During the 1400s-1600s the Europeans slave trade started shipping slaves to different colonies. This was the exploitation of ...

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... trafficking through staggering statistics and testimonies of innocent women and children it is clear that human trafficking still exists. This crime has consumed countries and victims without remorse. Although, organizations and nonprofits have helped a countless number of people escape the rings and games of human trafficking, it is still not enough. That alone still won’t end this worldwide problem. To truly prevent human trafficking would require several different types of inventions from immediate impact to personal decisions. It takes one person alone to call a hotline to report a trafficking incident or donating their change to improve and prevent the spreading of human trafficking. Simple acts can spread more hope, prevention, and awareness that will change lives all over the world. After all, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”(HumanTraffic).

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