Essay on Human Trafficking Is A Global Epidemic

Essay on Human Trafficking Is A Global Epidemic

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Human trafficking is a global epidemic that affects every country (Winterdyk, Perrin, & Reichel, 2012, p. 34). Billions of dollars are made each year through the enslavement of people. Even though the United Nations has established has an international protocol to combat human trafficking, some countries choose not to adhere to the policy (Winterdyk, Perrin, & Reichel, 2012, p. 1). Thailand is one country that does very little to address the crime of human trafficking.
Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia and is considered to be a source, transit point, and designation country for human trafficking. For this reason, Thailand is rated as a Tier 3 in terms of human trafficking (Brown, 2014). The country’s lack of enforcement allows for human trafficking to flourish in Thailand. Human trafficking is a very profitable business in Thailand and the government benefits greatly from its existence.
The government of Thailand overlooks the issue of human trafficking because the country benefits from the existence of human trafficking in its country. Human trafficking contributes to the economy of Thailand. Human trafficking, especially sex trafficking in Thailand, is a multi-million dollar business. The sex industry in Thailand brings in almost double the money than the entire budget of the Thai government. A great deal of the money made from the sex trafficking business is returned to the Thai economy through hotel rentals, food, and alcohol sales (Trafficking in Thailand and Their Impacts on Women and Children from Burma, 2016). Thailand’s economy is not the only thing that benefits from human trafficking. Corrupt government officials also benefit from the existence of human trafficking in their country.

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...ver, some countries are fighting hard to discourage the crime of human trafficking.
The United Nations adopted a protocol to help combat the crime of human trafficking and the United States is a participating member (UNTC, 2016). Participating members like the United States can impose economic sanctions and withhold funding to countries such as Thailand for noncompliance (Brown, 2014). Sanctions against Thailand for allowing human trafficking to exist would cost the country millions of dollars in lost revenue.
The trafficking of humans is a disgraceful violation of human rights. It is alive and profiting in every country in the world. Human trafficking thrives in countries like Thailand because of corruption and apathy. The world must take an aggressive stance in the war against human trafficking to erase its hideous existence from the face of the earth.

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