Human Trafficking as an Expression of Evil Essay example

Human Trafficking as an Expression of Evil Essay example

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The reality of evil is an ever-apparent problem in this world and in society. It is also a challenge for those articulating their worldview. However, it is one of the reasons, perhaps the top reason, why having an articulated worldview is so important. It should be noted that any worldview will be plagued by this ever-revealing problem in a search for a clean-cut, easy-to-fit, perfect worldview to describe an imperfect world. However, a reasonable answer to evil should be given, even if it is not without problems and unresolved questions.
In response one ultimately has three options: One can say evil does not exist, one can say evil exists and there is a reason for it, or one can say evil exists and there is no reason for it. Every worldview gives one of those three answers to the issue of evil. There are multiple possibilities when we get to the specifics.
Let’s look at four of the most popular worldviews in the world today: Atheism, Pantheism, Agnosticism, and Christianity. To use a proper method to analyze the validity of the beliefs and answers I present, I shall look at the answers in light of an extreme case of evil: human trafficking. Human trafficking is a common terminology used to describe various methods of exploiting men, woman or children.
According to the United States Department of Justice Website:
"Human trafficking crimes … focus on the act of compelling or coercing a person's labor, services, or commercial sex acts. The coercion can be subtle or overt, physical or psychological, but it must be used to coerce a victim into performing labor, services, or commercial sex acts. …Contrary to some misconceptions, human trafficking crimes do not require any smuggling or movement of the victim…. …t...

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...d that this explanation brings hope to such a dark situation regardless of the physical outcome of the victims. Although the above explanation is certainly elaborate and off beat, and hard to accept for some, it is certainly reasonable in my opinion.

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