Human Trafficking And Why Do They Call It Modern Day Slavery? Essay

Human Trafficking And Why Do They Call It Modern Day Slavery? Essay

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How can we identify human trafficking and why do they call it modern day slavery? The way we can identify human trafficking, are to look for signs of physical abuse and limited access to medical care (Kelly and Bokhari, 2012), and (Zimmerman et al, 2003). Either the victims of trafficking are lured in with promises for a better life, or better working conditions to where they have an idea of thinking they will be able to send money back home to their families. Due to thier circumstances, many of the victims are kept isolated to where they have limited access to medical or dental care. Often due to these times children may not resemble those who are supposed to be, their parents or, they are with different adults at different times.
Slavery has been identified in 100 of our cities, and there is reason to believe that the number of cities is even greater. People hear about slavery in the period of time when something is happening and then they have a tendency of thinking, “Not in my town” (Bales, Soodalter, 2009). In a way, people consider themselves above it. The reason why they think it would not happen to them is that they live in a trouble free community. The harsh truth of reality is, modern day slavery is in their town (Bales, Soodalter, 2009). People are protected from nationality, race, gender, or income. It can trouble anyone from the gardener down the street, your neighbor’s housekeeper, or your daughter on her way to the mall (Bales et al.,2009 Soodalter, 2009). Americans need to adjust to the fact that people are enslaved and it is all around them and the solution is a large measure that lies within them. It is clear for people to identify human trafficking; they either should say something or do something. It sounds s...

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... when it comes to pursuing cases of human trafficking, while others go through nothing more than the motions or not. The fight against human trafficking in the United States has only recently begun, never the less, it is important that some viable standards of accountability be applied to where it comes of monitoring the response to crime (Bales et al., 2009 Soodalter, 2009). When the law is out of balance of helping victims there is a way for it to amend. The beauty of our system is that it can be fixed when it does not work. In addition, there must be a related approach of wiping out slavery in America. The government alone cannot possibly succeed without public awareness and the support, no more than they can make an impact without the government’s commitment (Bales et al., Soodalter, 2009). No one denies there are victims of modern-day slavery throughout America.

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