Human Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation Essay

Human Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation Essay

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Human trafficking if a form of slavery, and comes in several forms; forced labor and/or sexual exploitation. It violates many rights that we have as human being. Most victims of human trafficking happen to be women, and young girls. Over 4.5 million people, happen to be victims of sexual exploitation all over the world.
According to Gustavo, convicted human traffickers in Mexico, says girls are just a source of income, or “merchandise”. He tricked many young girls in to falling in love with him, running away from home, and then later forced them in to prostitution. One of many girls being Karla Jacinto who was 12 years old when she fell in love with Gustavo. For four years, she saw up to 30 men a day, seven days a week. Now let’s do the math that is 210 men a week, around 840 a month, around 10,080 a year, and for four years that’s approximately 40,320 men I could only imagine what it would feel like to be forced to have sex with different men over and over again for years. For her to start at the age of 12 and to be rescued around the age of 16, and have gone through so much must h...

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