Essay about Human Trafficking : A Worldwide Social Problem

Essay about Human Trafficking : A Worldwide Social Problem

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Human trafficking is a worldwide social problem that has been going on for centuries and needs to soon come to an end for the good of the people. “Human Trafficking is the trade of human beings for the purpose of exploitation, typically in the form of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor” (Androff 111). In order for some of the victims to get a higher income, they have to comply to both do and go through things that are not an advantage for them. For this reason, human trafficking is known to include some of the following physical abuse, starvation, forced to work as prostitutes, or to take grueling jobs, for little or no pay just like slaves.
Human trafficking is an intricate circumstance that “has recently emerged as an international issue of concern” (Hodge 111). Although there have been several attempts to deal with this problem, like “the United Nations’ (2000) Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children,” they have not worked (Hodge 111).
“Credible estimates of the number of people trafficked globally reach as high as 27 million” (Bales 112). The human traffickers would get both women and children to take them into the workforce where they would be given an assigned job. “Among identified victims worldwide, 55 percent to 60 percent are women, and approximately 75 percent are women and girls” (UNODC 112). The targets are not always women; they can be men as well who are usually poor.
The traffickers promise their victims that they will live a better life, when it is in fact a lie being told to them and will not happen. Not only do the traffickers lie about them having a good life, but also about them not having to work. As the victims reach the traffickers desti...

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...ickers, but they were never found so the case was closed” (Examples n.p.). He is now a Legal Permanent Resident and is working as a construction worker with his T-Visa.
The possible effects of human trafficking are fatal and can lead to the deaths of many women and children. They get physically abused, which can lead to some long term damage. For example, kicking, strangling, biting, punching, and forcing one to perform a sexual act are illustrations of physical abuse. The abusers treat the victims as if they were slaves.
If all humans come together we could easily stop human trafficking. As humans, one should be aware of their surroundings. As this is becoming a major problem, many people are being affected by it. Human trafficking has many effects out of one cause. Finding a way to help those that are suffering can help save lifes of those who are being tortured.

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