Human Tissues in Medical Research Essay

Human Tissues in Medical Research Essay

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We have known the amazing benefits of human tissue in medical research. These cells have helped with some of the most important advances in the sciences. They are used to develop vaccines for rabies, smallpox, and measles or used for radiation, drugs, cosmetics and viruses research which launched a million dollar industry [ Skloot, 316]. They have been used to find the cure for multibillion people, including most of us today. However, not that many people know where are these tissues come from or the stories of the “donors” who were desperate to protect their bodily rights and property rights. Most of the patients in the late 1950s have not been asked if they want to contribute their tissues to science, which has raised the debate over the ownership of biomedical materials, whether doctors can take the patient’s cell for research and commercialize them without consent and disclosure of potential profits. No case lawfully clarified the human tissue’s ownership. Guidelines and ethical codes are not the law, so they are justified as moral standards which are interpreted differently by people. Many articles were published, questioning the bioethics in biomedical research as well as the ownership of tissue.Other scientists proclaim the tightest control over tissues will put an end to the medical process, exceed cost and administrative burden. However, a person must have the basic bodily right to own their tissues, to be respected for their autonomy and to be disclosed of the procedure, the risk and the financial interest earnings from their body parts. For that reason, the resolution of this complex inssue is required new legislations which ensure social goals such as justice, protection and respect for individuals while continue the ...

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...son, both doctor and patient seem to have the ownership rights to the cell line. For the final analysis, new legislation is required. It should depend on different cases and different types of biological materials. It have to ensure justice, protection and respect from whom the materials were taken ,while guarantee the efficient distribution of such materials for the medical needs.

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