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Information processing theory informs the systematic description of human thought mechanism that benefits to assimilate the cognitive development. It initiates with some input and after processing brain provides some sort of output. All humans have the two distinct modes of information processing named analytic thought and intuitive thought, which develops during period of adolescence.
Analytic thought requires a state of focused attention, brain capacity, intellectual maturity, motivation, and, practice (Berger 367). The intuitive thought involves the prior believes rather than logical thinking. In intuitive thought, thinking process bounces back and forth from feelings and memories stored and do not analyze the situation. Intuitive thoughts are impulsive, quick, and may be resulted from over production of hormones in the adolescence.
Egocentrism is experienced first in play years the age group of two to six year old. Play year children think that everyone sees what they see. For example, if they see the front side of the doll and adult sees the backside of doll, the child will think that adult is too sees the front side of the doll. Egocentrism in adolescence on the other hand, they think they are socially important and unique without knowing how others really feel about them. They very much centralize on their social status, so it is crucial for them to analyze about their appearance in their social world. They think intensely, but not always realistically about their future possibilities. This kind of behavior makes them self-conscious and feeling of uniqueness.
This sort of behavior steer them to carry out three false assumptions called invincibility fable, personal fable, and imaginary audience. In invincibility fab...

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... at myself very different compared to my friends and felt very overweight, unusually tall, unattractive, and overall ugly. I changed my diet, started to wear bulky clothing, and secretly wore makeup. Of course, I outgrew that phase in time with the help of friends and family and realized that appearance is not as important as one might think. I would say it was turning point in my life.
I think intuitive thinking is an important experience; it is quick and emotional, and not destructive usually. It is sign of growth in cognition. Adolescents in this period value the opinions of other to reflect on their own existence (Berger 369). It is efficient to use formal, analytic thinking in science class and to use intuitive thinking in personal issue. It is very important for adults to encourage adolescents to analyze different possibilities of a situation.

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