Human Test Subjects and the Need for Guidelines Essay

Human Test Subjects and the Need for Guidelines Essay

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Test subjects in medical experiments have always been a controversial topic, but this argument is often only thought of when animals come in to play. What about the humans who get tested on unwillingly, or people who do not possess the capability to consent to such procedures? They are also in need of someone to look out for them. Throughout time, many governments have done extreme testing to move forward their population’s health and for what they call the greater good. Yet, more often than not, these test have no rules or regulations. A moral code has been established slowly after many of these ghastly occurrences became known. Even to this day, we still have people trying to bypass ethical codes such as the Nuremberg code and the Declaration of Helsinki. Most of the people being tested on are not completely competent, therefore they need the help of the government, general population, and each individual to prevent such abuse to those whom cannot prevent it. Many scientific experiments throughout history have led to major breakthrough in medicine, but they are often done in very immoral ways. More procedures should be set to prevent such heinous crimes being done by one human to another. These incidents can all be prevented by a justice system that is equipped to handle these cases, a new set of guidelines to establish the right from the wrong, and harsh punishments to those who have broken this code.
Medicine is constantly evolving, whether it be through the discovery of a new medication at random, such as penicillin, or by extensive research trails. Most of these research trials can be very effective and beneficial for the human race. The moment a researcher starts to question what is morally and ethically correct is where t...

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...ld not be inhumanly tested on. Human test trials can actually be very useful if done correctly and following moral and ethical code. The time has not yet come when we can have the best of both worlds.

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