The Human Telephone, Art Essay

The Human Telephone, Art Essay

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Dying for the sake of statues and a wall, admiring the rule of a man obsessed with the sun, or watching as a human sets fire to children seems like miserable ways to live, but hundreds of people lived their lives in those ways and were content. Traditions and stories are passed down from generation to generation. But, there is something to be said about the works of art that survive decade after decade. Unlike the human telephone, art is able to tell a story without details being mixed up or lost along the journey of historical transitions. Emperors, rulers, and kings are scattered throughout the history of the world and they each have a different method to life and how it should be taken advantage of.
Qin Shi Huang was a determined emperor who sought out to unify all the Warring States and find the answer to living forever. His desires risked many human lives and many died in attempt to please him. But, was it really to please him? Or, was it out of fear of what might happen if they did not do everything they could to support his beliefs? The Qin faced harsh rule and legalism. Shihuangdi was able to unite the states of China into an empire, but he was merciless in doing so. Although Qin Shi Huang was a “relentless warmonger” and “conquered China with his army,” he was able to hold China “together with a civil administration system that endured for centuries” (Lubow). He impressed upon the people to come together as one, merge the state walls into the Great Wall of China, and mass produce clay figures. Although he grasped many accomplishments, he was a coward. Fearful of being overcome by assassination or rebellion, the first Emperor of China had already begun his own mausoleum. He continued to construct the mausoleum until he p...

... middle of paper ... at the ancient city of Kalhu, which became known as Nimrud” (Cifarelli). Assurnasirpall II created a system of obedience among the people and taught them not to fear the outside world.
Shihuangdi, Akhenaten, and Assurnasirpal II are vital characters in the perception of different beliefs, actions, and authoritative rule. Each piece of their lives is vital in the recognition of changing times throughout history. Together, these people of the highest authority demonstrate the transition of people 's views of power and what power truly consists of. A ruthless emperor, a tradition ceasing pharaoh, and a blood ravenous king led conflicting times in history, yet they obtained one thing that was all the same . . . their beliefs and their lives are portrayed throughout history because of the minds behind the hands that created the art to detail their individual stories.

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