Human Studies Using Drosophila Fly As The Test Organism Essay

Human Studies Using Drosophila Fly As The Test Organism Essay

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The purpose of this experiment is to conduct genetics studies using drosophila fly as the test organism. Scientists can study the basic biology that is shared by all organisms using a model organism, such as drosophila fly1. Drosophila fly, or more commonly known as fruit fly, has several qualities that makes it well suited for experimental genetics cross. First, fruit flies are low maintenance organisms. They are small in size (few millimeters long), so they occupy a small space and a lot of them can fit in one vial at the same time. They only require a media to feed on. In this lab, instant media was used, which is efficient as it only requires the addition of water to be used. This media contains ingredients that the fruit fly can feed one, such as cornmeal and karo syrup. Second, drosophila flies genetics studies are effective even with a time limitation. This fly has a short life cycle (10-14 days incubated at room temperature), which makes it excellent choice to perform expedite genetic experiments, as the offspring will develop rather fast. Third, fruit flies have a high reproductive rate and numerous genetic variation. The adult female can lay up to 50 eggs per day. With this large amount of progeny, studying the offspring might sound challenging. However, the flies are easily put to sleep using FlyNap, which is an anesthetic mixture that immobilizes the flies for about an hour. Due to the small size of these flies, they are best examined under a microscope after immobilizing them in order to detect their phenotypic variations.
Drosophila fly has four pairs of chromosomes in its karyotype. Three pairs are autosomal, while the last pair of chromosomes are the sex chromosomes. Similar to humans, a XX pair of sex chromosomes...

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...een an apterous female (lacking wings) and a wild type (winged) male. The other cross was a dihybrid cross between a red-eyed apterous female and a sepia-eyes winged male. The main question guiding this study was to examine how closely these crosses follow Mendel’s laws, and what phenotypic ratios are expected in each type of cross. It was hypothesized that these crosses will follow Mendelian genetics since none of the involved traits are sex-linked trait. Thus, as a prediction, the expected phenotypic ratio for the monohybrid cross will be 3:1 winged to apterous individuals, and 9:3:3:1 phenotypic ratio in the dihybrid cross for winged, red-eyes as the most common traits. In addition, it was predicted that the phenotypic ratio will be the quite similar in males and females, because these traits are not sex-linked; therefore, they are equally inherited by both sexes.

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