Essay about Human Stem Cell Cloning

Essay about Human Stem Cell Cloning

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The argument on whether human cloning/ stem cell research should be deemed acceptable still exists. Those who are in favor of artificial reproduction claim that the benefits of human cloning far outweigh the negatives. Those opposed of accepting stem cell research lift up the argument that it is unnatural and cruel. Scientists say that cloning will benefit humans for many reasons; however they propose two different mindsets on human cloning. One is that they are no different from humans and that they are the same. The other is that they are like animals and that they are just a source of resources. Those who support the right to clone humans do not propose a stable/valid argument. There is a long list of risks that is composed of the risk of mutation, the rise of emotionally messing with the clone and others who know the original human, and the risk of the technology being abused. I stand by the movement that human cloning should not be deemed acceptable because it is inhumane!

The highest risk of human cloning is the risk of physical and/or mental mutation such as missing limbs or internal organs being in a dramatic mix up. Although scientists have made the proclamation of their success on cloning a sheep named dolly without any mutations of any sort; they are excluding the history of their research taking them nearly 300 attempts of the cloning of the stem cell to ultimately “Got it right”. Imagine if they were to do the same thing on humans! Although, select individuals deceivingly claim that the “clone” will be the exact same as a human being; if they tried to clone humans they would be creating hundreds of mutated “Human beings” for every attempt to make once single person. The reason why the procedure that was once succes...

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...d. God said we were created in his image, not our image.

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