Human Sexuality And Its Effects On Society Essay

Human Sexuality And Its Effects On Society Essay

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In todays society human sexuality is constantly changing and evolving. Most think of human sexuality as just two people having sexual intercourse. Human sexuality involves the physiological, psychological, or social aspects of the changing developing body. Todays social media, cartoons and commercials give off different personas about how people age and how they remain sexual or not. Most commercials for older individuals involve substances that can be taken to increase or enhance sexual activity. One in particular is a commercial for Osphena, which improves vaginal tissue to decrease pain in sex after menopause. The commercial is very sexually provocative and gives off the image of sex in the older generation. Many think that once you get older your sexual desire goes away and well old people just don’t have sex. Just because someone ages doesn’t mean that they just lose all their sexual desire. The fact is that age doesn’t mean you don’t want to have sexual intercourse; there are a lot of other factors that help determine a persons want and desire to have sexual intercourse.
The woman’s Osphena commercial is about a substance for woman who experience pain during intercourse after menopause. The commercial implies that it is common for older woman after menopause to have pain during intercourse as one of the many side effects of menopause and that you shouldn’t have to deal with the pain and to get their sex life back. The commercial states that the substance Osphena improves the lining tissue of the vagina by making it more lubricating and eliminates pain. The commercial itself is very sexually provocative and seductive in nature. There are many older women in lingerie night type clothing in a bedroom setting, which allures t...

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...ike menopause and physically cant enjoy or sometimes even have sexual intercourse. While some of the symptoms of menopause may not seem so applying for most the worst for some “is the urogenital changes such as vaginal dryness and the thinning of genital tissues that can ruin her sexual relationship with her partner.” (Chen, 1999) Its commercials like the Osphena that remind you about the issues that come with age and show you that you can get your sex life back. Yes there are risks with every substance out there however if your suffering from pain during intercourse and all you wish is to be with your partner and not care about the side effects then you may chose to take Osphena. Age is just a number, whether your 19 or 91 most still have the same desire to have sexual intercourse as they did before but the problem is they don’t have the same physical capabilities.

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