Human Security in the UN Mandate for UN Missions Essay

Human Security in the UN Mandate for UN Missions Essay

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In this paper I will argue that the inclusion of Human Security in the UN mandate does not necessarily make UN Missions more successful. In order to do this, I have considered two UN Missions in the Congo. I have compared the two interventions that the UN had to make in Congo, first in 1960 when the Human Security framework did not exist and later in the period after 1997-2006 when Human Security became an important consideration. I have also analyzed the role of other states that were involved in the Congo during the two interventions in the context of Realism and assessed if the generalizations contained therein were applicable in this situation.

II. What is “Human Security”

Human Security means the security of people – their physical safety, their economic and social well-being, respect for their dignity and worth as human beings, and the protection of their human rights and fundamental freedoms. (2.21 Responsibility to Protect)
Human Security is a policy framework that addresses threats to governments and people. Threats to human security vary largely, so the United Nations conducts an assessment of human insecurities. According to the UNOCHA (2014: 1) website, the UN can invoke the Human Security framework if the livelihood, dignity and universal freedom of people in a country are seriously threatened. Under the framework, the UN will then help to provide solutions that are specific to the needs of the country. Finding out the main causes of the situation, preventing a repeat of such incidents in the future and the enablement of proper governance and protection of society will also be undertaken by the UN.

The general goals of the Human Security Unit established by the UN are to highlight the importance of Human Se...

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