The Human Sciences And Natural Sciences Essay

The Human Sciences And Natural Sciences Essay

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As humans, we constantly try to identify simple patterns and classify knowledge into straight forward and discrete categories. Therefore, simplicity is favoured in many areas of knowledge as it allows knowledge to be expressed in the easiest and most understandable manner. However, in certain areas of knowledge, having a simple illustration may be done at the expense of having an accurate outcome. The term ‘simplicity’ has many negative connotations attached to it, but having a simple model can be of more use to knowers than an accurate one. A trade-off can be defined as “a sacrifice that must be made to get a certain product or experience.” However, in both the human sciences and natural sciences, there is no sacrifice to be made in terms of the simplicity of a model and the accuracy of the final outcome as simplicity helps in the process of getting closer to truth. If there is a trade-off present between the two variables, this knowledge question raises the issue of whether one should distrust simplicity.
In the human sciences, several difficulties arise when attempting to generalise human behaviour. The main struggle with attempting to generalise human behaviour, in Human Geography, leads to the issue of whether having an accurate measurement of one individual is of use to geographers who use their conclusions to benefit the wider world. In order to develop a conclusion in the human sciences, one would need to create a trend that would result in the simplification of a complex set of data. For example, when studying the relationship between countries and the percentage of people exposed to drought in an average year, geographers are more interested in finding a ‘cause’ of why such a relationship exists. If they find that as t...

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...tistical averages means that we only consider the middle of the data. Such simplicity may need to be distrusted because the elimination of information could be potentially misleading. It means that only simplistic strategically selected data is analysed which may lead to some generalisations. Although the conclusions gathered from this process would be inaccurate, it would be of no use to scientists or geographers who desire to gain an understanding of the data collected. Therefore, simplicity is essential in the pursuit of knowledge because it aids in the understanding process. However, it is true that in this scenario, there is a trade-off between accuracy and simplicity.
When theories are expressed in both areas of knowledge, language is used. If there is both a complex and simple manner in which the same idea is portrayed, one should opt for the simple version.

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