Human 's Create Values Emotionally Essay

Human 's Create Values Emotionally Essay

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Human’s create values emotionally in response to a human situation. Human’s are sentimental people who let their emotions guide them through any kind of struggle or problem that they encounter in life. For instance, we could see today what is happening in our society, with issues like immigration and war. People become emotional and infuriated when they hear that a Republican candidate wants to secure the borders of our country, or deport any illegal immigrants. When it comes to this kind of situation, people make their own values and morals based on their emotions. One would say that it is preposterous to deport an illegal mother who gives birth to an illegal child. The laws and rules do not allow that to happen, but our government tries to ignore them. Humans also make emotional decisions when they have to deal with issues like abortion. Should a baby 's life be taken away even if it will be born with a life-threatening disease? Should a family pull the plug on one of their family members who is struggling to survive? These are situations when humans make values or morals emotionally.
J.P. Sartre has a strong view on existentialism. He believes that we have a pre-reflective awareness of our existence that precedes the conceptual awareness of our essence. What this means is that we have some sort of immediate awareness without recognizing it consciously. We than reflect upon this immediate awareness and make sense of it. Sarter does not believe in the existence of a God. Only humans exist consciously. We are not controlled by some mind that tells us how we should act and live our lives. I disagree with with him on this view because if there was no supreme being or mind, there would be no civilization or existence. However, I agr...

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...g tortured might have planned terrorist attacks like 9/11. Another person would say that torture is necessary, because we should follow the “eye for an eye” concept and get rid of the concept of emotion and forgiveness.
I agree with the point of view that values are invented emotionally in response to a human situation, because it’s the only type of concept that can be proven by observing and analyzing people. Values that are discovered through intuition cannot be observed by human beings. For instance, I could say that a woman who was sexually harassed, is going to form her moral values based on her emotions, because she has went through a tragic event. If someone is mad at their boss, they would make wrong judgements because they cannot think clearly. Humans are emotional beings, and if they get affected emotionally in any way, they will make poor moral decisions.

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