Essay Human Rights Violations in Guatemala

Essay Human Rights Violations in Guatemala

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Guatemala is among one of the countries that is suffering from major human rights violations. The topics that I will be covering include the three main laws of human rights that are being violated in the country of Guatemala, as well as evidence and stories of victims, and the changes that this country is going through. I will be bringing up the topic of Guatemala’s human rights violations and acts of injustice, including giving my opinion on these matters.
Guatemala is a country that has yet to recover from past wars, and the country is lacking in peace between society, government and authorities. In the 1980's after Guatemala's "war resolution" state violence increased, reaching genocidal proportions, meaning that an extreme number of massacres and killings had begun to occur. The Guatemalan army inflicted 600 massacres, 200,000 deaths, the displacement of 1.5 million people and tens of thousands of disappearances. Clear evidence that it has been difficult to repair social structures and community ties in Guatemala. . "It combines fear of terror or repression with terror of the future-namely, a new situation that will be fraught with unknown dangers" (Manz, Beatriz.)
The violations directly from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that are occurring in Guatemala include; 1. Nobody has the right to torture you, 2. You should be legally protect in the same way everywhere and like everyone else, and 3. You have the right to think what you want, say what you like, and nobody should forbid you from doing so. These are the three main rights being violated in this country that will be brought to topic. In this literature, true stories from victims as well as articles will be used to show evidence of violations. These are right...

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