Human Rights Violations At The Middle East Essay

Human Rights Violations At The Middle East Essay

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All over the Middle East are human rights violations are being committed every day. The main focus will be in Egypt, the North Eastern part of Africa. Multiple human rights violations take place in Egypt just as often as any other country without a government. Just as others will think, an area with no government will cause major issues; this surge of dilemmas came into being known as the “Arab Spring”. There are many human rights violations to investigate, but the main points will be over religious issues over non-Muslims, torture of the people, and strongly evident are the FGM cases. As Peratis (2006) states, your mosque, or church or synagogue, can demand your obedience, but it cannot send you to jail if you refuse. The non-Muslims have the freedom to do as they please, but of course, there are problems regardless of the statement. More so, going against the saying, such as putting non-Muslims through the court system, is against the rights that non-Muslims can freely do what they want with their current religious group. According to Stork (2012), Torture is on an epidemic scale and police brutality more generally have been at the heart of human rights concerns in Egypt for decades. Such acts upon the citizens of Egypt go on unpunished, and continue to physically abuse people, which leads to another human right violation. Any kind of bodily injuries inflicted by another individual is against the citizens of Egypt’s rights, and fatally abusive. No common person should have that happen to them, regardless of recent actions. “There is nothing equivalent for female circumcision and most of the authorities on the subject have had to rely on the estimates in the various editions of the Hosken Report: Genital and Sexual Mutilation of...

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...ay. Egyptians are just like anyone else, and they have the right to be like everyone else, no matter where they originate from. A way to help Egypt achieve this goal is to support them in any way possible. Helping out can seem small, but small changes can make a big difference. Making that decision will lead Egypt into the right path, and create a greater future. Anything can alter the destiny of Egypt. Another question comes to mind, what if that Egyptian got the help that they need? What is a possible outcome to come from that? They would be grateful for one. Why just one Egyptian, why not multiple? Helping that one Egyptian can then go and help others the way they received assistance. After a while, the masses will continue to grow, and Egypt will be a place of fortune and everyone will get the freedom of living the way any other person would like to live, happy.

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