Human Rights Organizations : Revised Essay

Human Rights Organizations : Revised Essay

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Human Rights Organizations - Revised
United Nations Foundation
Their mission is to solve global problems and make the world better. United Nations foundation was created in 1998. They have been working hard to prevent child marriage; increase access to reproductive health education, services, and supplies; provide families with sustainable energy; cutting the deaths caused by measles by 85 percent in Africa; distributing more than 6 million anti-malaria bed nets to 25 African countries; reducing polio incidence by 99 percent worldwide; and making almost $2 billion in U.S. for the UN. Last 10 years, they were able to deliver more than $1.5 billion to UN and UN causes. More than $700 million was given by their founder Ted Turner and $900 million from the corporate, government, and NGO partners. They focus on the global health, energy and climate change, advocating for the UN, and girls and women.
Some of their partners for global health program are Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and public-private partnerships with Rotary International. The purpose for global health is to help prevent people from getting Measles & Rubella. They help deliver life-saving vaccines and anti-malaria bed nets to children; trying to lessen the difficulties the women and children are facing with health issues around the world. UN foundation is looking for better ways to provide a sustainable energy power to a better future for all those in need and they are working with the UN to make all of that happen. They ensure universal access to modern energy services, doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency, and the share of renewable energy in global energy mix. The foundation advocates for UN to ensure the U.S. government pays off its dues to UN...

... middle of paper ... another country, legal fees and assistance to seek justice and reparation, basic livings costs to facilitate rehabilitation, education or professional training to rebuilt the victims lives. Their income is little over $2 million.
EU and as well as other NGOs are working with them on human rights issues, they ensure a continuous and reliable connection between its members worldwide and EU institutions in Brussels. Their main goal is to appeal for a more effective European human rights policy. According to them, human rights are still not taken into account alongside political, economic, and security considerations. OCMT Europe appeals for the creation of a control mechanism on Union activities and measures it adopts. They attend consultations with the Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU, and monitor the development of FRA’s activities relevant to OCMT’s mandate.

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