Human Rights Issues, Some Definitions Essay

Human Rights Issues, Some Definitions Essay

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• Equality: To be treated fairly and in the same way – without prejudice, racism and/or discrimination.

• Health care, food, water and social security: The basic necessities of human life which must be provided by the government. The older people of this society who are not able to assist themselves must be taken care of. No one may be denied medical assistance even if they may not be able to afford it.

• Children: Children under the age of 18 have different rights compared to people 18 and older. These are basic rights used to protect, benefit and provide for children, like not to get abused, to be given a lawyer and the right to food, shelter and health care.

• Freedom and the security of the person: The right to have control over your own body, no body may harass or force you to do anything you not comfortable with. No one may raise their so as to harm you in any way, no matter the situation.

• Education: The right given to every child, where they have the right to a basic education (grade R – 9). No matter the circumstances of the child they may not be forced...

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