Essay about Human Rights : Four School Of Thought By Marie Benedicte Dembour

Essay about Human Rights : Four School Of Thought By Marie Benedicte Dembour

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Human Rights, Rights given to every human kind, or so we believe. As many years pass, the definition over time changes as well. Before in the US, there were no Women 's rights in the Human rights. Rights that were made for Men, However, over time, with Advocacy from women that had changed. As I read “Human Rights: Chimeras in Sheep’s Clothing?” By Andrew Heard and “What are Human Rights? Four School of Thought” by Marie-Bénédicte Dembour, you begin to see the different views on what people think Human Rights were based on. In my point of view, I agree with both standpoints, However, have been more convincing in God being the one who created human rights.
Andrew Heard had described different people who had believed god was the one who created Human Rights in the beginning. With the all the examples given, it seemed as if he was arguing as well that Human rights were similar to Religious Rights. “For several centuries Aquinas ' conception held sway: there were goods or behaviors that were naturally right (or wrong) because God ordained it so.” (Hard 2) as explained in the Article, as a Catholic I believe this to be true. Growing up in a religious family and with what is said in the article my first thought is “if god didn’t want something to happen, he wouldn’t have created it”, I have the mindset of god does things for a reason the patience is just needed to see what the future holds. Except Hugo Grotius had a different thought, “Now the Law of Nature is so unalterable, that it cannot be changed even by God himself.” (Heard 2)Why would Andrew add this into the article? Andrew had explained how god was the creation of all yet he also begins to agree with Hugo on god doesn’t have all the power. God possesses the power to create a...

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...d very specific, detailed article, but too long for readers to stay and finish the article. With my disagreements with Andrew, I believe there would be better research done to have more knowledge of what the world really thinks about Human Rights. I disagree on Human right not coming from God himself. With the knowledge I 've gotten from being a Catholic, I realized that we make our own decision but in those decisions we think of how God would decide himself. We use god in our situations and think what would he do and think twice about our decisions. Marie’s Article was fascinating, especially when she explained what she believed, but out of the two schools I had a hard time believing what they believed Human Rights helped with. I felt passionate enough to become part of two of the schools, but Protest Scholars and Discourse Scholars were not what I had agreed upon.

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