The Human Rights Council : Safe Drinking Water As A Human Right Essay

The Human Rights Council : Safe Drinking Water As A Human Right Essay

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The issues to stand before the Human Rights Council are: Safe Drinking Water as a Human Right; and Human Rights as they relate to Climate Change. Cuba is driven to improve the standard of clean and accessible water under its jurisdiction. Additionally, Cuba recognizes climate change as a real threat towards the prosperity of the nation as well as its people and continues to promote tangible solutions in order to reduce the worldwide increase in atmospheric temperature.
I. Access to Safe Drinking Water as a Human Right
The Republic of Cuba continues to recognize the human right to clean and accessible water—as seen through support of resolution A/64/L.63/REV.1— not only as a basic amenity, but also as a requirement to further develop a country’s economy and well-being as a whole. The Republic of Cuba continues to address the critical issues pertaining to the country’s aging piping infrastructure as well as the effectiveness of water-sewage treatment plants across the board, citing statistics from WHO (World Health Organization) that 40 percent of the world’s population lacks access to sanitized water.
The Cuban government continues to face an increasing challenge in dealing with the availability of safe and sustainable water to its citizens particularly in the face of climate change. The country’s aging piping infrastructure is largely responsible for the lack of a constant supply of water in many areas of the country; in many cases, leakage from inadequate piping over 75 years old results in more than 50 percent of water pumped through the distribution system to be lost before reaching its destination. As a result, many communities rely on water tankers to provide accessible water. The Cuban government agency responsible for...

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...a program would require the cooperation of well-established and developing nations alike such that a reasonable pool of wealth to draw energy investments from exists. In addition to funding from international actors, countries in situations similar to that of Cuba must become proactive by studying the anticipated effects of climate change—one of which includes the three foot rise in ocean levels by 2100, and making the appropriate precautions against them. Natural barriers often serve the greatest protection against rising water levels; however, many (including mangrove swamps, dunes, etc) are being destroyed by human industrial and residential development. The Delegation of Cuba additionally hopes to educate the rest of the world on such matters such that governments worldwide take into serious consideration the unanticipated effects of removing natural barriers.

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