Human Rights And Human Integrity Essay

Human Rights And Human Integrity Essay

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Today science is moving quickly and people like the Dalai Lama are trying to Establish ethics in science before science outpaces ethics all together. Fukuyama has published a few papers about ethics over the years. In one his more recent papers Human Dignity he discusses his ideas about human ethics and what they are based in. While I agree with many of the principal points in Human Dignity there are multiple definite flaws riddled throughout the piece.
Before Fukuyama lays out what his ideas of Human dignity are he discusses his theory called Factor X. Factor X is “The sum of the behavior and characteristics that are typical of the human species a raising from genetic rather than environmental factors.”Francis Fukuyama Our Poast Human Future I agree with him in most of his definition and articles about factor X. I believe that all humans have a “Red Line” that separates humans from non-humans. That Line is different for every person on earth and encompasses different types of people. Some people believe that Fetus’s are people and should be treated as such and other people believe that they are not yet “human” and therefore do not deserve the same rites. The same thing can be said for people that are in comas or have Alzheimer’s. Some people believe that those people are no longer “human” because they have lost the ability to think.
I also agree that Factor X is what shapes human religions and civilizations. People with similar Factor X’s will join together to create religions that reflect their collective Factor X. They then build entire civilizations on the foundation of their factor X. Anyone that has crossed their “red Line” and is therefore not in their Factor X is enslaved or killed. Different Peoples Factor X have shape...

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...gnity. Anyone that a person believes does not have human dignity has crossed their red line and is now no longer considered human. It is possible for Person 2 to believe that person 1 has no human dignity even if person 1 believes that person 2 does. This is because the red line that is human dignity changes from one person to another.
Fukuyama has a fair point when discussing Factor X. While there are some flaws with his outline I believe that more or less the spirit of his idea shines through. Fukuyama believes that everyone has a factor X even if he may be mistaken on how it is received. Human Dignity is integral to science moving forward ant it is important to remember Fukuyama’s argument for future use. In conclusion, even though there are several major flaws with Fukuyama’s idea of factor X the core of the idea is still solid and relevant to today’s society.

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