Human Resources Information Systems

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INTRODUCTION Human Resources Information Systems in simple words can be easily described as the combination of the Information system and the Human Resources through Human Resource software which helps in the function of the human resource process and activity to occur through electronic. Most of the Research conducted shown that HRIS installation leads to increase in the productivity of the employees in the organisation which includes both the managers and the employees and the efficiency improved a lot. It helps the organisation in lot of factors, the major ones are recruiting talented employees, Storing individual details, payroll and it also helps in decision making by providing the information. The main purpose of the paper is to explain clearly about the problem faced by the organization in Human Resource or already implemented HRIS. We discussed with the organisation HR manager about the problems they encounter in the real times through telephonic conversation and mail. In this paper we are discussing about the Critical analysis of the issues with the help of survey of literature materials. We are going to discuss here about the solutions to the issues faced by the organisation. In the final stage we are going to give them the solution by providing proper explanation ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND Company DLF stands for Delhi leasing and finance which is the number one company in India in terms of the land banks and the turnover of the projects what they do. It was found in 1946 and is based in New Delhi India. They have been a public limited company from July 2007 and since then there is no looking back. They made a turnover of 2billion$ in IPO listing alone. They have a employee base of over 4000 employees working... ... middle of paper ... ...listing and select the best candidate. It is done by assigning scores and points to applicants, which shows how good the profiles of potential profiles fit the recruiter's specifications and requirements (Faliagka et al. 2012). Every organization acknowledges the fact that in order to attain sustained growth, companies need to select and secure the right people at the right time and to make sure their best employees stay with the company. It is of great importance and significance to appreciate that recruitment plan can be and should be at every point connected to the talent management plan. Jones, 2013 refers that "Recruitment is not merely a "bolt-on" that can be slotted in at the initial point of talent acquisition, it extends from identifying and sourcing candidates, through the selection and on-boarding process, right up until the employee leaves the company."
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