The Human Resources Information Center Essay

The Human Resources Information Center Essay

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The Director of the Human Resources received complaints from several managers and the Senior Manager in Payroll. The Personnel Actions being processed in the Human Resources Information Center (HRIC) were continuously late. The Director was asked to put pressure on the on the team who processed these actions, since it was causing issues across the company. He must now determine why the Personnel Actions are being delayed and causing the issues raised by the various levels of management.
The Director addressed the issue with the Manger of the HRIC. She was aware that many of the Personnel Actions being processed within her center were late and having to be processed retroactively. The retroactive actions were becoming more and more frequent according to her staff. Questions involved in the decision-making included how many actions were being processed late, what types of actions were late being processed, and what are the impacts of the retroactive actions? What evidence is available to reflect that we have Personnel Actions being processed late and to what degree? The Director set out to categorize the concerns according the seriousness of the late Personnel Actions and the urgency in which these retroactive actions are impacting the employees.
The Director began to organize the situation by reviewing a series of retroactive Personnel Actions and evaluating various reports provided by the HRIC. While delving through the large amounts of information and transactions, he indeed found that a high percentage of actions were being processed late. As he took a deeper dive into the information, he began to see an unexpected pattern. The first or second manager in the approval route nearly always responded to the Personnel Act...

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... guidelines were well defined and comprehensible to the managers, which made it quick and stress-free for them to approve the Personnel Actions. The second problem took a bit more investigation and involved the Systems Engineering team. It was discovered in the coding that when a Personnel Action was not approved within a certain amount of days, the Action was pushed to the next level of manager for approval. This discovery would need to involve further discussions with the upper leadership to decide the preferred path forward, since the HR Director did not want to increase or eliminate the time available to approve the Personnel Actions in the Manager’s Worklist. By using the decision-making process, the Director of Human Resources was able to identify the appropriate actions necessary to address the concerns of the late processing of the Personnel Actions.

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The Human Resources Information Center Essay

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