Human Resources And Natural Resources Essay

Human Resources And Natural Resources Essay

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Earth provides several elements that our natural world consists of for our survival. A few examples of theses resources are minerals, forest, water, oil, animals, rocks, and soil. Each one of these elements humans depends on and it is our responsibility to save these resources. A question that every human should ask themselves every day should be, What is our personal responsibility toward the natural world, toward what we term our natural resources?

Which natural resources are the ones human depend on the most? Gas, coal, water, oil, land, plants and animals are just a few that humans use the most; we use water for energy and drinking purposes; oil for energy and fuel; forest for wood, home, food; minerals for cans, jewelry; soil for agriculture; animals for food, and clothing. These resources arise naturally and are a big part of human’s survival on earth. Humans have to shield these natural resources since we benefit from them and it is each individual’s responsibility to learn ways to protect and save it within our daily activities. With a number of humans living on earth there will be a day when these resources will run out and when that day happens it will create a problem around the world because our survival depends on it.

Throughout the years, humans have been making choices that have been harming the earth even thought all of these choices have been to help mankind survive and live on earth it is also causing different types of issues. Global warming is one of the issues that we face today and pollution are one of the reasons this issue is occurring. Since cars were invented it has been a big influence on human’s lifestyle and society. We depend on this source of transportation because theses cars transport us...

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... a power strip for all the plugs, or light bulbs that are energy efficient, keeping the thermostat at a specific temperature and using fans help conserve energy; these options will help conserve energy and is another way of helping the earth stay clean and resourceful longer. Being responsible with these resources will allow them to last longer. Not only do we have to educate ourselves but help others learn of different ways in helping planet earth last longer for humans and animals who reside on it.

In conclusion, human beings are the ones responsible in conserving earth and it is our job to educate ourselves in helping our natural world stay clean, beautiful, and conserved so we can live on it for a longer period and keeping ourselves healthier in the process with less pollution in the environment. We have to make changes on these issues before it is too late.

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