Human Resource Professional And Employee Health Essay

Human Resource Professional And Employee Health Essay

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The Human Resource Professional and Employee Health and Safety in the Workplace
Human resources representatives have a vital role in ensuring employee health and safety, but employee safety and wellness is a combined effort that involves the employees, management, and human resources. Human resource representatives continue to focus on ensuring employee safety and health, as the range of issues relating to safety and health continues to grow for their organization. The human resource department is responsible for being familiar with the employee health and safety standards, and at the same time, ensuring that the entire organization is in compliance with the regulation policies that are in place to protect staff.
In response, many employers and human resource departments are implementing safety and wellness programs and creating policies that encourage and provide workers with a safe place of employment. For this assignment, I have researched four action steps that human resources representatives and top management can initiate to further encourage and sustain employee health and safety in the workplace. These action steps include: opening channels of communication within the organization, implementing and enforcing safety policies, coordinating with facility management, and provide health and safety training. These action steps are related to the Three E’s of safety, engineering, education, enforcement, plus engagement, that we recently discussed in this module.
Open Channels of Communication within the Organization
To begin, human resource representatives and managers should engage in a dialogue with the workers about preventing accidents and “thinking safety” in the workplace. Byars Rue p 325 A key component of maintaining e...

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...onent for a safe workplace. Disengagement could lead to errors, deviations, or drifting from established procedures and result in potential accidents. Human resources representatives and front line managers can actively address safety by communicating with employees about any issues or at-risk conditions they are experiencing in the workplace (Hohn, 2015).
Organizations are responsible for the actions they take in response to a safety concern. This will foster a culture of trust and participation. If an organization lacks transparency or delays in responding to issues raised by employees, management sets a number of bad things in motion. If you want employees to cooperate, you need to support a culture of trust (Hohn, 2015). The most effective prevention strategies combine tactics from each of these categories: Education, Engineering, Enforcement, and Engagement.

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