Human Resource Practices And Human Resources Essay

Human Resource Practices And Human Resources Essay

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Human resource practices
According to the (B), Human resource management consists of those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the people of an organization. Some activities involve determining human resource needs, assisting in designing work systems, recruiting, selecting, training and development etc. It is pretty clear that the human resource functions within firms are responsible for making decisions related to employees and also are responsible for understand that certain decisions made could set a precedent within the entire company. In today’s business world, most large companies have many branches that each holds a great importance. For example, Nicholas has noted that within the company he works for, the HR function has a compensation department, an organizational development department, a benefits department, a labor relations department and also an overall operations department. Rather than throwing a wide variety of people at functions, most companies will allocate a certain amount of individuals to take sole responsibility over a specific area. A very important feature of human resources is that they need to hold the trust of the employees in order for them to function as planned. It is also important to understand that each person is different and requires more attention or support than others. Another important task that human resource managers are faced with is determining who in the organization has leadership qualities and assembling teams and structures in that respect. One of the major responsibilities is to develop and train the workforce, therefore pairing them with the proper guidance necessary is vital. Another topic related to human resources management deals with employee motivation. From N...

... middle of paper ... achieving continuous quality improvement. Employees should be the primary tool for promoting quality improvement initiatives. Along with hiring qualified talent it’s important to develop and promote that talent to grow within the organization. Employee turnover is a huge issue in organizations and a major factor is employee empowerment. Employees want to be given value added work that can be reflected as a productive use of their time. Quality management is the overall efforts that are put into an organization to transform raw inputs into profitable outputs. There are many factors that are responsible for the quality measures and success of an organization. However, having a systematic approach that links all functional disciplines and involves all responsible parties in decision making will encourage productive decisions that will lead to higher quality outputs.

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