Essay on The Human Resource Online Technology

Essay on The Human Resource Online Technology

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People are living in the century of technology. Society relies on technology whether desired or not. Technology is everywhere such as: cell phones to keep up with information, laptops to work, and cars to move every day, etc. Technology is the modification, usage, and knowledge of machines and systems to solve problems. Besides, there are a thousand companies that are using their own technology as well as social networking sites to looking for their potential candidates. The human resource online has become one of a popular tools using by companies all around the world. However, there are not only advantages but also disadvantages.
First of all, human resource can briefly summary as the division of a company that is focused on activities relating to a company’s employees. These activities focus on recruiting and hiring new employees, orientation and training of current employees, employee benefits, and retention. Mentioning about Human resource online, which is not only one of the fastest and easiest approach for both companies and candidates, but also gives managers and employees comfortable access to data to productivity complete their HR tasks. For example, a lot of people have their account on social network site as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn lead to the statistic has more than quadrupled within the past decade from 35% in 2009 compared to just 8% in 2005 (Chang & Madera, 2012).
There are a lot of benefits that human resource online can quickly conquer its audiences. First of all, it can improve business reputation and client base with minimal use of advertising. Instead of spending a lot of money to hire a good marketing department for up to 15 people to do company’s marketing, within 5 people who qualified as expert i...

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... candidates such as lack of understanding each other that leads to complexity demands interaction. Moreover, these activities can destroy the feeling of support and togetherness that is very important to candidates and recruiters’ feeling. Consequently, despite the fact that social networking has attracted much attention from recruits today, they are prefer to use the traditional method as face-to-face interaction.
In conclusion, recruiting online has pros and cons to candidate no matter how wide and efficient it is. One way or another, there are a lot of different ways for candidate can fight to gain their position by the most sufficient method by internal or external way. Not only technology as Internet is just a small tool for candidate can use it to increasing their ability to recruiters, but also help them develop their flexibility skills to face with companies.

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