Human Resource Manager At The Denver Human Services Center Essay

Human Resource Manager At The Denver Human Services Center Essay

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The purpose of this interview was to further my knowledge of the duties and experiences a human resource (HR) manager goes through outside of class. Due to not being able to find a human resource manager in the health field, I interviewed Tammy Davis. Tammy is the human resource manager for the office of human resource at the Denver Human Services center in the city and county of Denver. She does not work in the health field however her role of being a human resource manager is fairly similar to any HR manager in a health organization.
Tammy’s educational background are an Associate in hotel hospitality, a Bachelor in administration business, and a Masters in organizational leadership. Her employment experience in the pass, she was in the air force military for 23 ½ years supporting roles in HR civilian. After she was done with the military she worked at a bank for two years as the HR financial management. With her experiences in HR she landed the position as the HR manager at the Denver Human Services.
Tammy’s main job responsibility is supporting and overseeing the agency. She has 13 employees reporting to her that are in four different HR areas. The first are the generalists, they handle employee relations such as strategies for workplace issues, planning, and disciplinary actions. The second are the recruitment area, they handle the hiring, training, and firing process in the HR department. The third is the information technology, they handle the support work having to do with the systems with background checks, and more. The last area is the organizational development team, they handle team development and solving group problems. Each of these teams report to Tammy and if there are any issues she resolves them.
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...e required to be able to enjoy and work with people.
After the interview I asked her what advice she would offer students looking for a career in HR management. She explains learning HR in school is important, however getting a hands on experience is a key to move up the latter and further knowledge in HR. Reading about the process of HR is an overview, yet getting the experience in the real world will further students in their careers.
In conclusion interviewing Tammy Davis provided me a great outlook on the responsibilities of a human resource manager outside of the classroom. Tammy does not work in a health care setting but the duties, policies, regulations, and issues are all fairly similar in any HR manager. Communication and being able to understand others is essential to be a HR manager. HRM is not easy, and is much more than the hiring and firing process.

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