Human Resource Manager Analysis : Case Study Essay

Human Resource Manager Analysis : Case Study Essay

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Human Resource Manager Analysis
Kristina Palmer
August 30, 2014

Job Analysis is pertinent, legally defensible, and is highly recommended to be completed for each job title (Talukder). Job analysis is defined as “the systematic process of collecting information that identifies similarities and differences in the work” (book). Job analysis provides direction as to what an employee is responsible for, and ultimately is one of the deciding factors for compensation and benefits. There are different types of job analysis and each one takes times. The conventional job analysis is very straightforward and the best approach for a position such as a Human Resource Manager (HRM) for a manufacturing plant that employees 500 employees.
Conventional Job Analysis
There are several methods that are available to conduct a job analysis. The conventional job analysis is “a step-by-step approach” (Milkovich, Newman, Gerhart). There are six total steps involved. The first step is coming up with fundamental information. Fundamental information could easily be found by pulling filed paperwork that is available and looking at a Human Resource Manager position and all relevant documentation. This documentation will provide insight as to what a Human Resource Manager does, what it entails, and whether or not the information is accurate or appropriate for in the future (Talukder).
The second step is taking a look at the office and work area the human resource manager will work in for the majority of the time (Milkovich, Newman, and Gerhart). Taking a look at the office space and area, will give understanding as to what equipment is used and the working conditions. A HRM will most likely have to sit for long perio...

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