Essay about Human Resource Management Program At Usc

Essay about Human Resource Management Program At Usc

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Pursuing a master’s degree in Human Resource Management was the next logical step to take in my career. I recognized the role of HR professionals is changing and it is important to maintain a competitive advantage and enhance my marketability by sharping my knowledge and skills in order to be an effective leader for the organization I serve. Human Resource professionals are not only charged with the responsibility of protecting the intangible resources of their company but they must also respond to the personal and professional needs of its employees. To achieve this, HR professionals must have the ability to serve as a strategic partner for the organization and its employees. The Master of Science in Human Resource Management program at USC will provide me the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive background in the functions of HR from a strategic perspective and it will also enhance my skill to be an effective leader.
My first introduction to the human resources field came as a result of an open position; HR Assistant, at a company called Sodexo. Sodexo is a French food services and facilities management company and one of the largest multinational corporations. The company represents 130 nationalities and conduct business in 80 countries. Some sectors Sodexo serves include government agencies, hospitals, universities, private corporations, assist-living facilities, military bases, and correctional facilities.
HR Manager, Paula Rodriguez encouraged me to apply to the position, even though I had no experience in the field. It was by chance that I became interested in the real value of human resources when I was later promoted to the HR Support Specialist position. In this role I supported the HR Manager in all functions of HR a...

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..., Long Beach. I am particularly excited about the courses, Human Resource Strategy and Leadership in Human Resources as it will assist me with achieving my goal to develop my knowledge and skills as a strategic HR professional and an effective leader. I’m thrilled that the program offers flexibility for the working professionals like myself. Attaining a degree from USC, rated one of the top 15 university by the Wall Street Journal will assist me with maintaining a competitive advantage and enhancing my marketability. Having a deeper understanding of the core functions and concepts of HR I will be capable of creating proper human resource strategy for the development of the organization I serve. I am ready for the challenges and difficulty the program will offer and I will be committed to applying myself fully to achieve the standards that I am capable of achieving.

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