Essay about Human Resource Management Is Developed From Personnel Management

Essay about Human Resource Management Is Developed From Personnel Management

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Human resource management is developed from personnel management. Throughout history there have been many needs for the workplace to have a type of management who are in charge of employees, either by sorting out which applicants to hire or to understand their needs so to allow higher productivity to reach the organisational outcomes.

Personnel management is known as the more conventional approach as it the original approach that was used to monitor staff. Personnel came into use in the late 19th century, after the Second World War there was a need for personal management which was a development which combined employment management and welfare work into one. This was important as there was a real need for a type of management to open communications between the workforces, in this case the woman who were unexperienced and untrained to be able to complete the jobs effectively. Personnel management is purely work- force related i.e. seeking staff to train and try to fulfil their work based needs. This type of management is also described as “reactive” this means that personnel management adapts to the current climate or external factors rather than plan ahead by making strategic plans. Although this management is based on the needs of the workforce, employees are not devoted to the company but rather complying. The management style is considered more of a dictatorship by not seeing the employees as individuals but more as a group so to marginalise the work related needs which is sorted out by a specialist personnel manager rather than a line manager.

Human resource management was developed after personnel management came into action. The term human resources was becoming poplar, so much so that it developed form the U.S.A to ...

... middle of paper ... became limited after the Second World War. Alongside these new duty’s personnel managers also were in charge of joint production committees and joint consultation committees. Employers were given a statutory duty which involved discussing with unions, this meaning a more open communication between employees and employer. Alongside this new development the government urged employers to employ personnel officers; this was also helped along by the fact that the first specialist course at university for personnel officers was now available.

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