Essay on Human Resource Management in Hospitals

Essay on Human Resource Management in Hospitals

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HRM in Hospitals

Answer 1:
In general, A Joint Commission takes the involvement of both side people such as employees and employer and also uses the guidance of Medicare Acts and forces the hospitals to use the complete guideline by which they could be able to fulfill the needs of federal rules related to the employees (Joint Commission International., 2002). Generally organizations make the employee appraisal on the basis of their organizational policies.
Hence, A Joint Commission also provides Spell Checker for checking medical activities to organizations that include more than more than 200,000 medical terms that forces the management of hospital for enhancing the employees’ appraisal contents. It also assists the organizations to use the best HRM practices and policies with the help of manual and best technical process that could be helped the employees to meet the needs of the organization (Joint Commission International., 2002).
In the context of a Joint Commission, I also support the function of a Joint Commission because it also allows the hospitals to store the information about the assessment of employees at a place for making comparisons and performance evaluation. It also forces the hospitals to modify the particular job description that could help the employees to develop their understanding to give their best service to patients (Joint Commission International., 2002).
Answer 2:
The department managers provide the exact information about the real need of employees to fulfill the tasks, objectives and aims of the organization. The department managers also know about the real need of skill that should be needs of employees at the time of hiring (Appelbaum & Gallagher, 2000). If the department manager does no...

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