Human Resource Management At The Hotel Industry Essay

Human Resource Management At The Hotel Industry Essay

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Providing quality service is one of the major concerns for hospitality operators. Employees play a primary role in delivering quality service; however, jobs in the industry have been characterized by insufficient salaries and training (Poulston, 2008), low job morale and high turnover (Deery & Shaw, 1999), few benefits, low job security, and long working hours (Dawson et al., 2011, Sobaih, 2015). The hotel industry is widely noted to have a poor reputation for its ability to handle HR-associated matters (Wilton, 2006).
Kusluvan (2003) defined human resource management (HRM) as a tactical and strategic way to attain, develop, manage, motivate and gain the commitment of the employees. Wood and de Menezes (1998) defined high-commitment human resource practices as those policies aimed to foster commitment among employees, creating highly involved employees who identify with the organization. Employees’ perceptions of an organization’s commitment to them are referred to as perceived organizational support (POS) (Eisenberger et al., 1986). POS is the degree to which employees believe that their organization values their contributions and cares about their well-being and fulfills socio-emotional needs (Rhoades & Eisenberger, 2002). Judge and Kammeyer-Mueller (2012, p. 349) defined organizational commitment (OC) as ‘an individual’s psychological bond with the organization, as represented by an affective attachment to the organization, internalization of its values and goals, and a behavioral desire to put forth effort to support it’. According to the reciprocity norm, it has been posited that human resources practices lead to a higher level of POS on the part of the employee, which positively impacts OC (Allen et al., 2003)...

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...nce (Eisenberger et al., 1986; Rhoades, & Eisenberger, 2002). One essential way to reciprocate the organization’s favorable treatment is through continued participation (Allen et al., 2003). HRM practices and policies have been suggested as influencing factors to increase POS among employees (Meyer & Smith, 2000). Bartlett (2001) showed that employees perceived the availability of training as support from their employer, which made them more committed to their organization. POS has been shown to be influenced by HRM practices such as training and development, career development opportunities, work-family support, employee engagement and organization’s recognition of individual achievement through practices such as promotions, salary increases (e.g., Wayne et al., 2002; Liu, 2004; Ram & Prabhakar, 2011). Based on the pervious discussion this study hypothesizes that:

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