Human Resource Management And The Organizations Essay

Human Resource Management And The Organizations Essay

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Human resource management and the organizations in which it takes place are facing challenges from a changing environment. Hiring the proper people with the appropriate skills is an essential part of maintaining the workplace. Economic issues which include downsizing, organizational culture, productivity, ethics, demographics, and diversity plays a significant role when redesigning a company 's Human Resource Department. Success in the field of Human Resource requires an update of knowledge continually. Training, certifications, hands-on experience, and tactic knowledge helps to perform a difficult redesigning task with speed and sensitivity. Human Resource actions are comprised of but not limited to equal employment, staffing, compensation, benefits, labor relations, and safety. Ethical issues are on the rise in most organizations domestically and globally. Subsequently, a Christian Worldview helps when solving administrative, operational, employee advocate and strategic problems. And agents of change are crucial for a complete transformation. It is necessary to have a process to ensure a global design that will last with minimal changes. Strategic goals achieved must be thought out and viewed futuristically. Companies should institute a planning process that links to organizational strategies to ensure the effectiveness of the redesign.

Whether employees are in a big company with thousands of employees, or a small country store, managing people is vital to any organization. This paper is about leading people through a management system called Human Resource (HR), that does more than payroll, design training, and avoiding lawsuits. It provides essential components that will ensure that human talent is used effectively ...

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...and educational training, received an upgrade that implemented strategies so that employees understand the organizational strategic goals. In 2004, Rio Tinto’s share price started to waver as our leadership position came under threat from a changing business model in the metal and mining industry. Pressing for lower costs, customers wanted to leverage purchases across commodity sectors—such as copper, coal or iron ore—participate in global marketing and streamline their supply chains. Rio Tinto was ill-equipped to respond. Our business model, consisting of affiliated owned or joint-venture companies, was decentralized with few global standards, systems or programs. We needed a global model to regain our competitive edge. Because business strategies affect HR plans and policies, consideration of human resource issues should be part of the strategy formulation process.

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