Human Resource Issues at Capital Airport Essay

Human Resource Issues at Capital Airport Essay

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The backbone of any successful company is the HR department, and without a talented group of these people, the company is doomed for failure. This report is basically based on different human resource issues that are faced by Capital Airport in its day to day activities. Capital Airport is largely dependent on air travel and is being run by a state-controlled company. The main problems that Capital Airport is facing are related to staffing, poor customer service, employee training and many more. Many organizations are putting more focus on attracting and retaining customers and increasingly human resources professionals are tasked with developing programmes designed to enhance employees’ customer service skills. (Macaulay & Cook, 1995). HRD plays a critical role in the success of an organization. All organizations have human resources but the key point is that how to utilize those resources in an effective and efficient manner which can contribute to organization.
Being a HR professional, in my point of view HRD plays important role in the learning and development of employees within an organization. Learning and training opportunities can enhance the employee’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Learning is not a one time activity, it’s a continuous process. Furthermore, human resource development helps in organizational development as well as in employee’s career development. Human resource development also acts as a change agent. In few past years, organizational priorities and practices have changed a lot. Successful organizations are now becoming more adaptive, flexible, quick to change direction and customer-centered. HRD also act as an employee champion and employee advocate in the organization. An organization’s administr...

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...ipants in any service transaction are service employees. It is they, whom customers meet on entering a department store or boarding an aircraft. Thus, a single employee may tint a customer’s image of a service enterprise’’ (Rafaeli, 1989).

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