Essay on The Human Resource Function of a Retail Store

Essay on The Human Resource Function of a Retail Store

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The Human Resource Function of a Retail Store

Human resource manager’s role from the Human Resource Manager’s viewpoint is one that can be looked at from different angles. The different angles changes in a daily basis based on the challenges that the human resource manager faces. However the main responsibility of the HR manager is to recruit or hire potential employees who can fill positions in the organization, and ones that are qualified to perform the specific duties. It is also in line of the duties and responsibilities of the HR manager to train and develop employees so that they can be successful in their careers. Another responsibility of a HR manager is to conduct and facilitate performance appraisals so that employees can be kept informed on how well they are doing, and some of the areas that need to improve on. A HR manager should be strong and firm in enforcing the policies of the company they are in charge of (Raj, Nelson & Rao, 2006). They should answer to any questions that arise in regard to wages as well as benefits offered by the organization. The manager should also assist in disciplinary actions or decisions regarding firing of employees who are found to not be in line with the values of the company.
There are many things that are involved in building a successful strategy for a retail store. The primary area to consider is to recruit, hire and train employees that the HR will need to consider. Getting the correct set of people is fundamental for the current as well as future success of the company. The next thing is to coordinate the working schedules so that they can be able to incorporate the newly hired members of the workforce. It is also important to come up with a plan to evaluate the performance ...

... middle of paper ... role in customer attraction and ultimate retention (Kadlub, 2009). Due to the competition at the moment in the retail industry, it is also important for the HR to come up with a customer loyalty program where customers can be offered discounts, loyalty cards, gifts among other things to retain them to the retail store.

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