Essay about The Human Resource Director Of St. Anthony

Essay about The Human Resource Director Of St. Anthony

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For my interview, I spoke with Judie Crudo, the Human Resource Director of St. Anthony Foundation (St. Anthony’s). She has been with the organization as the Director of Human Resources for the past 25 years. Prior to St. Anthony’s, she worked in Human Resources for Macy’s and a small start-up company. Her desire to work in employee relations brought her to the non-profit sector after 20 years in the private sector.
St. Anthony’s is an established San Francisco non-profit, providing over 64 years of critical care. Located in the Tenderloin District, it delivers essential services such as food, clothing, health care, technology, and social services to all San Franciscans in need. St. Anthony’s employs 150 employees and manages over 11,000 volunteers annually. Employees at the organization vary in their professional levels. Staff ranges from clients re-entering the workforce to highly skilled medical professionals.
Multi Generational Workforce
The most prominent change in the workforce affecting human resources at St. Anthony’s is the rise of a multi-generational workforce. Providing different human resource needs for various employees is an evolving challenge. Being aware of different workplace standards between generations is often taken into consideration in the organization to reduce “pain points” (Calvert, 2015). During the interview, Judie grouped Generation X and Millennials into the same group, and focused primarily on the differences between Baby Boomers and Gen X/Millennials. She described the Baby Boomers as skilled in their jobs and maintaining the implicit social contract (Calvert, 2015). However, she felt Gen X/Millennial groups were more prone to question not only what’s changed, but why is it changing. Further, the ...

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...f development. It was recognized that managers and human resources need to take more proactive roles in staff training and development.
The human resource department sees itself in partnership with management in recruitment, retention, and development of staff. The department strives to have “HR specialists” within teams to have a greater impact (DeLoitte, 2015). However much more could be done to enhance the human resource practices in the organization. While human resources department has evolved over many years, Judie spoke candidly about the importance of managers being very active in the human relations role. Strong management skills and clear communication make for engaged and effective employees. Adopting more performance management approaches and individual talent development plans would be attainable next steps for the future success of the organization.

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