Human Resource Development and Monetary Incentives as Good Motivation Factors

Human Resource Development and Monetary Incentives as Good Motivation Factors

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Kubo and Saka (2002) identified three factors related to motivation and the first factor is about monetary incentive and the second is human resource development which is very important factor and the last one is talking about the job autonomy that provide the job knowledge to the motivators and workers specially in the financial sectors in Japan. To add more, Leung and Clegg (2001) found that the younger executives can work in higher level than the old workers in Hong Kong and they able to match the desires in terms of responsibility and authority in work assignments, but on the other hand senior executives were holding their accomplishments and they play the occupational role and they can be replaceable easily. Authors were found that there some elements which are not clear enough in the government offices but and they are exist. To add more, the good thing about is that the level of career motivation is lesser factor. More than that, in the concept of international marketing, authors such as Mehta, Dubinsky and Anderson (2003) did some tests or examinations on the correlation factors among the various styles of leaderships, performance, motivation and they want to understand how these important elements are linked to each other. More than that, they conduct some samples to automobile dealers in USE, Finland and Poland and the main purpose of the methodology is understanding the way of adapting the style and the factors of motivation in terms of congruence with national cultures. To add more, Kovach (1995) explained the rank of the motivational factors which were determined by the employees and their direct supervisors. The author found that ranks which had been made are having a huge difference with what employees had been ma...

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...faction, productivity and motivation can be decreased or increased under some physical environment and related with theories of Schein (1985). Also, according to (Locke & Latham, 1990). Kopelman (1986) they said that some important factor such as goal seeking may affect on the employee performance either positively or negatively and this statement was proven by some facts and they said that the feedback results should be observed and not ignored because this strategy is very important in increasing the performance level and maintain it and also it can play a role in increasing the motivation level positively which lead the employee to be rewarded with several ways such as bonus, promotions or etc or it might be the opposite and end up with kicking out the employee from outside the organization (Stan Davis, James M. Kohlmeyer) (Rafikul Islam, Ahmad Zaki Hj. Ismail).

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