Essay The Human Resource Department At Netflix

Essay The Human Resource Department At Netflix

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The definition of corporate culture is the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company 's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions (Fisher). A culture of a company can very it can be fun and relaxing or uptight and all about business what ever it is the way the company does everything from how they sell their products to how you are expected to work . A lot of people think of Google when they think of place that has good employee culture, but all the extravagant things that they offer doesn’t mean that that is the only thing that makes for a good employee culture. For example the human resource department at Netflix is more typical not offering any nap times or special foods but it offers things on a more personal and freer level. The people that are in charge of influencing and making sure that the culture stays within the company standards are the human resource department. The human resource department is in charge of the recruiting, selecting and evaluating process which all is part of maintaining corporate culture.
At Netflix they have recently went under a cultural transformation. The human resource department was the head of the transformation. When a company goes through a culture shift it can become a terrible headache. They went from a completely formal culture to a more laid back culture. This may sound like a draw back but for this successful company it was the best decision they could have made for themselves
With this new culture there is many people saying that they are breaking a new wave of human resource management for the future. They are interested in it because according to Netflix it is all based on common sense without over thinking everything. They have grabbed ...

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...oyees that work there like because they are performing at the top of there skills without being responsible for others mistakes.
All of this would not have been possible without the human resource department. The HR department is involved in every step of the process for a culture flip. Netflix making them the front of the turn around gave the human resource department a whole new meaning. I would not be surprised if in the future more human resource departments turn to this type of culture. I think this because of all the interest in what they are doing right now and the influence it might have on other companies. If HR departments did this they might be able to have more successful corporate culture which will make for better work. Netflix keeps it simple by saying that each employee should be working in the best interest of Netflix and the rewards will fallow.

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