Essay on Human Resource Department At Baptist Hospital

Essay on Human Resource Department At Baptist Hospital

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In an adverse attempt to complete this assignment I called several different Human Recourses departments in my area.
Of the many ones that I called I only received a return call from the Human Resource Department Head at Baptist Hospital. I informed her as to the reasoning for my call and she was more than excited to give ne the information that I was seeking to complete my paper. Once arriving in her office I explain to her what information that was needed to comply with the obligation of completing this assignment. She informed me that Baptist was a state wide institution and that they outsourced to many different departments that had their own human resources departments, but the training is done at their central location within our community.
The information that is listed below will give and overview as to what the interview pertained and why it is so important to have a human resource management and all of the organizational structures that are in any healthcare facility. What their job description is and the many aspects that they go through in order to come up with appropriate individual to fulfill the organizations needs when it involves the care and welfare of patients that are serviced in their hospitals and other facilities.
Aspects of a Human Resources Professional
Human Resource management (HRM is the term that an organization uses to describe the managerial capacities that one uses to identify people within an organization. As far as their responsibilities and roles they tend to fall within three different areas which are staffing, compensation of the employees (benefits) and definition of the design of the job (description). In accordance to the statement given by Edward L. Gubman in the Journal of Business Str...

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...ained that many individuals overlook exactly what is the aspects of their job really includes. She stated that they stay consistently business because the government keeps making changes to the stipulations on their hiring processes. They employ not only individuals for the hospital, but also individuals that work at the base. Trying to explain that instead of going back five to seven years they are required to do a governmental search which goes back as far as 30 years.
This is why they have to do extensive research to try and find the person that will fit all of the skill set that are needs as well as be able to pass the background checks. She says trying to be fair and treating people equal at times is not what individuals are wanting to hear when looking for jobs in the community. This causes for an enormous amount of challenges in the human resources department.

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