Human Resource Challenges at XYZ Company Essay

Human Resource Challenges at XYZ Company Essay

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Obtaining the position of human resource director for an organization that has not had a structured and directive human resources department has various challenges. It is likely that as XYZ Company has grown from a small software development firm they have neglected one of their most important aspects of business that contributes to the success of the organization: their employment practices. Employees and employment practices have evolved over the years and the personnel departments that we once relied on mainly for the hiring and firing processes have evolved to meet the expectations and demands of State and Federal laws and regulations, the work force, and organizational strategies that the company has adopted in order to remain competitive and successful in the marketplace. The processes and procedures that now need to be observed by the “personnel department” requires greater knowledge, skills, and abilities regarding laws and regulations, current and potential employee needs and demands, and has paved the way for the transformation of the human resources professional to become an integral member of the management team in an organization.
Four Key Issues or Potential Problems
Initially, there are four key issues or potential problems that Doris Washington is likely to face as the new human resources director due to the lax human resource and employment policies that XYZ Company has allowed their management to practice. Fair and equitable recruitment practices should be enforced when recruiting new employees, and managers who create their own interview questions may result in questions that are inappropriate or illegal. Although managers need to be involved in formulating questions that assess the knowledg...

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