Essay on The Human Race and Survival

Essay on The Human Race and Survival

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One of the most significant issues in the world is having to pay for what is necessary and when it should be free. People should be able to have what they need to survive for free. Rather than modernize everything others should think about slowing down unnecessary researches, and start thinking about upgrade a kind of survival plan that benefits everyone.
Since food is a must, people should sacrifice in life to receive what is needed. People should organized plans to help others, and be more alert to what should be done to prepare a much more simple life. Give others opportunity to learn or to work on something that could be worth it to all societies. Working together is one way of changing for a great world in the future, and it might be the way of understanding more of different worlds. No matter how different people are from each other, it will always be about working united.
Political and social chaos has mixed our world for the worst. Known the revolutions of the past and present, class warfare, and calculating of those seeking power, the human race has shown an amazing spirit and managed to survive. The new aspects in the equation of the balance of mankind and the rest of nature are the technological advances that have changed how political and social chaos can develop, and the advances in industry that have the potential to inflict serious environmental alterations. Threats of nuclear war, biological catastrophe, and climate change now bring into question as to how humanity can continue to survive. Personally, I think that with the growth of true threats to survival, there has been growth of human ingenuity as well. Medical research is in a rebirth of moving forward. Climate change remains a concern...

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... on government for everything... reduce pollution of all kinds (air, water, noise)... live with a small ecological footprint... live our own lives with balance, and so on. And we need to accelerate our exploration of our solar system and beyond! With our eggs all in one terrestrial basket, as you know, we are on very shaky ground. I've said before that I wish I could get every politician aboard the space shuttle just once, so that he or she would see the earth in a new way... a place we all must share, and the only safe haven we have in a bitterly hostile environment. From up there, lots of ideological differences would seem small, and borders are invisible. Our planet has ways of population control that is beyond ours. We also need to look at the way we treat other countries and how much waste we leave on our planet. I think that environmental concerns come first.

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